UPPE Inflatable products

UPPE Inflatable products


Inflatable products grow in popularity. Important ingredients for a good inflatable are strong lightweight materials, shaped well, printed well in good colors, a reliable internal fan or a good membrane to keep the inflatable on the right pressure. Other important aspects are fast production times and good price. UPPE meets them all.
We will highlight some popular inflatable products, but of course we can make any shape or custom design for you.

UPPE inflatable arch ( the so called start and finish bow)
Available in various diameters, choices in width or height in full color or neutral. The choice is yours. These start – finish bows come with an internal fan so they must be connected to 220V power supply. However they offer a huge exposure.

UPPE Inflatable LED Totum
The UPPE LED Totum is an example of a membrane inflatable product. It is filled with a fan that comes with your order and the Totum stays inflated as long as the membrane is in use. So after it is inflated it can be placed anywhere without the need of any power supply. The print is not done on the inflatable Totum itself, but it is done on an interchangeable high quality full color printed lycra cover that goes over the Totum. So you invest only once in the base part and can add any new message and exposure by re-ordering just the cover! The LED is in the bottom part of the Totum. 24/7 exposure guaranteed!

UPPE inflatable Airdancers
Air dancers are one of the most eye catching air products, many times used during automotive sales days. They come many different sizes, colors, styles as well as in custom shapes with full color prints on. Just call us for information and we will give the best proposal matching your budget.

UPPE Air Tents
Inflatable tents come in various sizes, in standard colors or with prints on, with wall or just open.. They are very easy to set up, but need 220V power supply and they are more sensitive to wind than the UPPE Quick Folding Tents.(which don’t need any power supply and can be set up anywhere).

In case you like more information of our UPPE inflatable options, please contact us at +31 345 568797 or mail us to info@uppe.nl. If you state clearly which product you are looking for or which budget you like to spend, our specialists will get started directly and find the best product and price for you

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