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What is an event without banners? From advertisement on crush barriers or fencings to large banners above the road, everywhere banners are being used in all kind of materials and sizes. Banners are necessary tools for every event organization to sell to their sponsors and they are indispensable items for sponsors to reach their target group by exposing their logo, brand or message on the highest GRP locations.
But also for the use on buildings banners are very popular. Companies reach an enormous amount of views with large banners on their building. But also companies or retailers use huge banners preparing for their opening while the building is still in construction by placing scaffold banners. Banners have absolute multiple use.

For every banner there is a choice of various materials and qualities, mostly depending on your intended application. Is it needed for a 1-time occasion? In that case price is the main issue. Is the application demanding a mesh banner material because the use is on crush barriers, fencing or a om a tennis court that requires to let the wind go through easily? Durable options for banner material are f.e.frontlit material 490g/m2 ( also called pvc material). This material is appropriate when the banners need to be used for a longer period of time.

All UPPE banners come with a seamed edges in which rings can be placed so that the banner can be fixed with elastics or tie-raps. UPPE can also provide your banners with strings in case they need to be positioned like for example for need above a road. A frequent use like this is are the well known start & finish banners at sports events.

Depending on the material and on the budget available the most suitable and durable print procedure will be used and the best choice for material will be made. For that reason we always prefer to make a custom quote for you so that we can offer you the right material banner with the right printing quality for your specific use against the best price. We can produce your banners locally as well in our facility in Asia or in Poland, all depending on the specifications, quantities, required lead times etc.

In case you like so speak to our banner specialists please call us at + 31 345 568797 or email us at info@uppe.nl and let us know what you are looking for, sizes, quantities. budget, desired durability etc and our specialist will find the best deal for you.

PVC Banners en Tennisbanners van UPPE

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