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Being Seen? Use the UPPE Flags and Beachflags

Type of flags and beachflags
UPPE has a wide range of flags and beachflags. This varies from normal flags for standard poles ( from size 70×100 to 200x300cm) and bannerflags ( from 90×300 to 450x150cm) to various models of free standing so called beachflags like model teardrop, feather, shark or like the NEW surferflag ( link naar surferflag.com) or the windsocks or lampionflags.

The free standing beachflags (sizes 150cm to 600cm) are very popular as eye catcher on shows and events and for brand exposure very good visible from the street, so many companies use beachflags on their business parks. The beachflags can be used indoor as well as outdoor as they always show the logo or message well, because the glass fiber poles make sure that the flags are at all times in shape, without the need of wind.

The poles of the UPPE beachflags are of stronger quality and above the average quality that is offered by others as the bottom part of the poles is made of aluminum which makes the flag a lot stronger and durable. When used at windy locations we recommend to use mesh material as we do for large banners when used on fencing to avoid them from blowing over by wind. Frequently used material for beachflags is polyflag material, 115gr/m2. There are various types of poyflag materials. we UPPE also offers a type that lasts about 3 to 5 months longer than the normal materials, this is called the UPPE endurance flag material. Ask our sales people for this special material!

Where and how to place your beachflag
There are many options how to place your beachflag. On soft ground you can use a ground stake and on hard surface you can choose for a crossbar, eventually with waterbag, a watertank crossbase or a ground plate. We also have wall mounting brackets or even tent connectors so that you can attach your beachflag to your Quick Folding Tent. This way your branding towers above your tent for maximum visibility.

Printing quality
The 150gr polyflag beachflag material is digitally printed by High Resolution direct CMYK print. It is a very good quality full color print ( single sided 85-90% mirrorprint) and the flag part is provided with a strong tunnel, double stitched. At the end of the pole is a button that prevents the pole from piercing through the material. These features increase the durability and supports quality exposure of your brand.

The flag material can be washed. We consider your pantote/ pms color that you can mention with your order so that we avoid color deviations with other materials that you have in your company colors.

Flags and Beachflags from UPPE;when you look for the best price- quality balance.

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