Charity we support

Charity & UPPE


With the creation of UPPE, some very important values for us were integrated in our company culture as well as in our product range. We wish to share our passion and our qualities with our business relations. This in the first place with you, our customer, by ways that you benefit from our creativity and our experience to improve exposure of your brand or company and the related growth in sales. But also with our partners that develop products for us, so that we become as one, with one same vision on quality and durability.

Besides sharing our passion and the quality of life with our relations, we broaden this out in UPPE.

With respect to charity we decided to not opt for one purpose, as with that we would fail others. We carry our social responsibility by contributing financially in the way of providing extra discounts and special offers to all foundations supporting care or welfare in the broadest form of the word.

By our own passion for sports, UPPE also supports projects to motivate children to play a sport.

Passion comes from the heart and our Excellence is Powered by Passion.