Ultimate Promotion Partners Europe


After having worked on management level for several A-brands for the past 20 years, we decided in 2010 that it was about time to start Ultimate Promotion Partners Europe (UPPE). In this existence a quite young player in the world of promotion, marketing and communication. And with a substantial difference from you normally meet; our refreshing way of working.
“Excellence powered by Passion” is our business slogan as everything that we do, create or deliver comes from our ambition to perfection in an atmosphere of purity and respect.

Besides our energetic approach we choose products that are of a stimulating and sparkling originality. You as our customer will benefit of this because by our cooperation the exposure of your brand will be getting a new eye-catching impulse.

We look forward to welcoming you as our customer and to building up a long lasting relationship with you,

With warm regards,

Eveline & Ben

Eveline van Gemert

Trade and entrepreneurship, like marketing and sales, are in my blood. There is ample evidence that not only the product or service that is being offered is of importance, but the way a company or brand exposes itself, is of overriding importance. I simply love to dedicate myself to you, our customer, with our personal service and our innovating products and ideas.

eveline van gemert

Regardless whether at work or in private time, sense, intuition, passion and emotions are my inspirations.

And that is where the power of UPPE is, Excellence Powered by Passion.

Eveline van Gemert

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Ben Hölscher

With UPPE a dream came true.

I am being characterized as adventurous, creative, well though-out, progressive and innovating. And besides that as somebody who smoothly connects with other cultures.

UPPE provides an ultimate basis for long lasting cooperation’s in many different countries and with many different cultures. UPPE distinguishes itself by a striking pro active approach that crosses borders and an add-on marketing. And all of that in a very pleasant and professional environment.

ben holscher

That’s why: Ultimate Promotion Partners Europe !

Ben Hölscher

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